Question about fuse box located in trunk of 2006 Chrysler 300 touring sedan 3.5L?

This car has to be a 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring sedan 3.5L V6. In the rear fuse box located in the trunk as you face it in the lower left hand corner there are two Black fuses called diodes. There should be two and they should be horizontally on top of each other.They are black with white arrows pointing on them. I need to know which direction these arrows are pointing for both fuses. These fuses or diodes control which way the electricity runs through your fuse box. I took them out while replacing all my fuses and relays because they got wet. I cannot remember which way they go back in and they have to be put back in exactly as they came out. I have checked my manual of course no help, i have called Chrysler no help, unless someone can give me some other idea to check maybe someone can be a lifesaver and just go look in there trunk and let me know. It is very simple just open your trunk lift up the cover where the spare is at and open the fuse box which is located next to the battery. Please someone help if these diodes go in wrong it will really screw up my electrical system. Thank You..

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